LAVA Tech Support Training Book


Products Related: HD-2605/2805 

Thank you for working  with LAVA. This instruction  is to help you understand most of the common technical problem of LAVA Antenna.  And assist you when you handle customer’s problem.

The Most common questions from customer are like “Antenna does not work” or ”Get no reception”. So we will start with these two questions and help you go through all related problem  may occur.


1.   My antenna does not work?

Most of time when you pick up the phone, customer may just complain the antenna does not work, in  these  case, customer did  not describe  their problem   clearly, so we  will  need to ask customer questions  to guide to their problem.

For any problem   customer may have, we need to  make  sure that the antenna is power  on and function  normally. Let’s start our questions:


1.1 Which part of the antenna does not work? No reception?  Not power on? Or does not rotate?

1.11 If antenna does not power on, like control  box or power  insert  not  power on, check the power adapter and make sure it is plug in. On the control box, make sure that the switch is turn on.

1.12  If the  antenna  does not  rotate,  we need  to  make sure  that  the  antenna  got power first. There are two steps to check the power on the antenna.

A. Does the control box power on?  If not power on, got back t o 1.11

B. Does the LED light on the Antenna power ON?

If the  LED light  on the  control  box is ON but  the  light  on the  Antenna  not  ON, check the cable connection,  make sure that it is connect directly from the Antenna to the control box ANT port.

If  there  is  splitter  between  the  antenna and  the  control box,  then  the  LED light  on the antenna may not power ON. Need to take the splitter out and use a coupler to make a  direct connection first. Or y o u  w ill  need to use a special designed LAVA HDS 21 ultra Splitter in this application.

If control box pow er  o n  and connection  no problem, but antenna still no! Power ON, then problem   may  be  there is  no  output on  the  control box  AN T  p o rt ,  or:  m ay  be  the Antenna PCB board has problem.

In  this case, we  may  ask customer if  they  have a  voltage meter, if  they  have a  voltage

meter, they can help us to test if there is output on the control box ANT port.  Just turn the meter   to AC side and test the output  at the other     end of the cable that  connected  to the control box ANT port.  If customer c an  get some voltage that means  the control box is good and problem  should  be on the Antenna main unit.

If customer  does  not  have a voltage meter,  then we will need to replace the control box with customer first.

C  If the LED light on the Antenna is on but antenna d oes not rotate?

Check  how did customer test  the rotation, press  the rotation button on the control box and hold it. You should be able to see the red  light k een ON on the control  box.

If rotation light comes on the control box but the Antenna  still not rotates,   ask customer how long  they  run  the  cable.  R emember  that  cable  runs  longer  than  70  feet  may  cause  the r ot at i o n function not work, because long cable will lose too much voltage at the end.

Have  customer unscrew the  motor rotor, then  scratch  the  two  PINs to   make sure it has good  contact  when  attach  to the antenna.

Usually motor rotor contact problem may  cause the antenna not rotate. If scratch the PINs and still  not work,  replace motor rotor  with c ust om e r

If we replace motor rotor   with customer and antenna still not rotate, then  problem may be on the main unit does not have power to the two holes that connect  the PINs. Again ask customer  if they have a voltage meter, check t he  power  on  the  holes to  see if  they  can  get  some  AC voltage.

1.13 If antenna power on and rotate, 99% the antenna is function   normal  and  the  problem should on customer’s TV. We need to have customer contact their TV manufacturer.

1.14 For no reception, go to 2.



2.   The antenna gets no reception?

Need to make sure Antenna function normally first before we talk about this  problem. Go back to 1 if antenna does not function normally.

2.1 Check what k i nd of TV customer  has? Must have  a HDTV or digital  converter box.

For HDTV, need to have the signal source turn to air or Antenna before you do a channel scan. Ask customer refer to their TV manufacturer if they don’t know  how to  operate  their new TV.

2.2 Check cable connection from  control box to TV.

Make sure cable from control box TV1 or TV2 is connected to TV antenna  IN.

2.3 Check local signal reception map to see how well  is signal there. Refer to FCC reception MAP.


If the  local  signal  is strong, need  to  turn  the  gain  control on  the  control box  to  lower side.

Signal over amplified will cause the TV detect n o channels.

If the local signal is weak, then customer needs to  rotate the antenna slowly to different direction and scan the channels.