///[Refurbished] 2018 FiveStar 4K HDTV 200 Mile Range Antenna FSA-1806

[Refurbished] 2018 FiveStar 4K HDTV 200 Mile Range Antenna FSA-1806

$95.95 $45.00

Compared with other alternative antennas, FSA-1806 receives MORE channels & has BETTER image quality

  • 4K HDTV 1080p,1080l,720p Broadcast. Full band DTV/VHF/UHF/AM/FM Receiver.
  • Improved FM Radio Reception
  • Reception radius is up to 200 miles
  • Auto gain control technology for high quality signal reception performance. 360 Degree Rotation
  • Built-in super low noise amplifier
  • Built-in LTE filter which removes the interference caused by 4G phone signals and ensure the noise-free digital TV reception
  • One FREE 40 feet cable included


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2018 Outdoor Antenna Detail

Introduction Video


Why FSA-1806 is Much Better than Other Similar Antennas?

  • 6 UHF elements design which allows for receiving MORE channels with BETTER image & audio quality
  • Reception radius is up to 200 miles
  • Additional VHF reflectors and longer band enable 25% MORE gain area than other popular models
  • MORE premium quality built for BETTER outdoor performance
  • Durable design for BETTER windproof
  • Shielded cable connection to minimize signal loss

Technical Parameter

Gain: 15-35dB

Power: <3W

Impedance: 75Ω

Rotate speed: 4r/min

Noise Figure: <2dB

Operation Voltage: 110-127VAC 60Hz

Circumrotating angle: 360°

Standing wave ratio: ≤ 1.5

Operation Frequency: 45-860MHz


Our antenna is designed to receive terrestrial digital TV signals, which uses high-quality, low-noise MMIC design for digital terrestrial television weak signal environments. While its properties of high OIP3, it is also applicable to the strong signal environment, it can improve the signal receiving terrestrial digital TV set-top box or a digital TV set. This antenna is compatible with DVB-T/H, receive terrestrial digital TV signal DVB-T@, ISDB-T, ATSC-T ADTB-T and other different formats.



  • Make sure the antenna has been installed in a flat surface. Then, connect the cable between Antenna and TV.
  • After powering up the antenna, press the rotation button on the remote-control box, the antenna will be then turning to certain direction. Do not let go of button until reaching the best signal result.
  • Scan TV channels using TV remote control only for the first time installation.
  • Signal strength may vary depends on location, please adjust the antenna direction if needed until receiving the most TV channels.


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