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LAVA Open-box HD-2805 Ultra 150 Mile Outdoor Indoor HDTV Antenna with G3 Control Box


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  • Reception up to 150 miles
  • 1080 Full HDTV
  • 360 degree rotation with remote control
  • 2 TV Outputs & can supports up to 8 TVs
  • No Outdoor Power Needed
  • Powerful G3 amplifier included
  • Difference with LAVA 2605: 2805 is an older version

Out of stock

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Open-boxed antenna is tested in working condition.


This package includes an open-boxed HD2805 antenna and 4 feet cable.

LAVA HD2805 Ultra Outdoor HDTV Antenna with G3 Control Box

New HD-2805 is easy for installation, with built-in super low noise amplifier, it covers reception ranges up to 150 miles. The HD-2805 HDTV Antenna equipped with a motor rotor and new G3 remote control. You don’t need to go out to move the antenna for a specified direction any more. Just use the remote control inside your house and you can find the best angle for your TV signal. It is One cable solution for all your TVs at home. You don’t need to run addition cable for the rotation control. Dual TV OUTPUT on the control box allows you to connect two or more TVs with a splitter. Great for UHF/VHF/FM reception.

The G3 control box is designed with new technology with more flexible features for different locations and TV stations.

The new surge protection circuit will protect your antenna from lightning strikes or power surges. Add extra protection for your antenna and TV.

New gain control function provides you more control on antenna. In a area where the local signal is too strong, you can adjust the gain control to the proper level so that the TV tuner can pick up a stable signal.


HD-2605 HD-2805
Range Up to 150 M Up to 150 M
Ideal Range 40 to 80 Miles 20 to 60 Miles
Size 22 x 30 x 4 inch 37 x 20 x 4 inch
Analog TV
Built-in low noise amplifier
360° Rotatable
Remote Control
Damp-Proof Solid Structure
# of TV connection 2 (without splitter)

up to 8 (with splitter)

2 (without splitter)

up to 8 (with splitter)

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Many external factors can affect how well our TV antennas can pick up certain signals, such as trees, buildings, distances, and weather. Not taking these external factors into account, the antenna should be installed as high as possible for the best reception. Installing the antenna more than 30 to 50 above ground level would be ideal.

Please click the following link below check HDTV signal in your area by typing in your address:

https://www.fcc.gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps *The link is provided by Federal Communication Commission.

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LAVA HD2805 Ultra Remote Controlled HDTV Antenna

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