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LAVA HD-2805 150 Miles Outdoor Top Rated HDTV Motorized Control Rotation Antenna plus Installation Kit


(21 customer reviews)


  • Reception up to 150 miles
  • 1080 Full HDTV
  • 360-degree rotation with remote control
  • 2 TV Outputs & can supports up to 8 TVs
  • No Outdoor Power Needed
  • Powerful G3 amplifier included
  • The difference with LAVA 2605, 2805 



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HD-2805 is easy for installation, with built-in super low noise amplifier, it covers reception ranges up to 150 miles. The HD-2805 HDTV Antenna equipped with a motor rotor and new G3 remote control. You don’t need to go out to move the antenna for a specified direction any more. Just use the remote control inside your house and you can find the best angel for your TV signal. It is One cable solution for all your TVs at home. You don’t need to run addition cable for the rotation control. Dual TV OUTPUT on the control box allows you to connect two or more TVs with a splitter. Great for UHF/VHF/FM reception.

The G3 control box is designed with new technology with more flexible features for different locations and TV stations.

The new surge protection circuit will protect your antenna from lightning strikes or power surges. Add extra protection for your antenna and TV.

New gain control function provides you more control on the antenna. In an area where the local signal is too strong, you can adjust the gain control to the proper level so that the TV turner can pick up a stable signal.

HD-2605 HD-2805
Range Up to 150 M        Up to 150 M
Ideal Range 40 to 80 Miles 20 to 60 Miles
Size 22 x 30 x 4 inch 37 x 20 x 4 inch
Analog TV
Build-in low noise amplifier
360° Rotatable
Remote Control
Damp-Proof Solid Structure
# of TV connection 2 (without splitter)

up to 8 (with splitter)

2 (without splitter)

up to 8 (with splitter)

Batteries N/A  N/A
Price $69.95 $64.95
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21 reviews for LAVA HD-2805 150 Miles Outdoor Top Rated HDTV Motorized Control Rotation Antenna plus Installation Kit

  1. John A.

    I’ve rated this OTA Antenna at 4 stars and this is why. After installing 12 of these antennas in our local area (St. Augustine, Fl) I found they do receive stations very well from Jacksonville, FL where the TV Station Towers are from 30 to 45 miles distance. I personnaly have been using this antenna for about a year and I’m pleased with the results. In fact I consistently receive the ION channel coming from Brunswick, GA – about 90 miles distance.
    Listed here are the major problems I’ve found and the solutions:

    1: Not all TV tuners are made the same. Some have better sensitivity then others. So far I’ve found the Sanyo to be the worst for OTA (Over The Air) reception. The best TVs for OTA were the LG and the Viseo. The LG and Viseo tuners seem to have greater sensitivity then other models. Also, Sony and Hitachi perform very well. It’s interesting to note that the LG tuners are made by Zenith in the US and shipped to Mexico where they assemble the TVs.

    2: On three of the installations I’ve completed reception seemed to be sub par and at first I was unable to determine why. Recently I found that the RG6 cable supplied with the Lava Antenna is poorly made. The ground connection can cause loss of signal strength. When I replaced the cable with quality RG6 a dramatic change took place. On most TVS there is a Signal strength meter to determine signal quality. This can usaually be found, on most TVS, in the Setup Menu. With the better cable the signal strength increased from 50-60 to 90-100 or max. Wow, what a difference.

    3: Mounting and positioning the Antenna is also very important. Make sure there are no obstructions between the antenna and the TV Tower i.e. Trees, buildings. FCC regs allow you to mount the antenna, at a maximum, 12 feet above your roof (I’m currently using a 40″ pole roof mount).Go to Rabbitears.info for compass heading from your location and use a compass to point your antenna towards the TV towers you wish to receive.

    4. In locations where you are receiving signals but they are week I suggest you add a Pre-Amp (Blonder Tongue), available from Amazon for about $12.00. Be sure to connect the pre-Amp last in line and directly to the TV set.

    In conclusion it appears the Lava HD-2605 UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna with Remote Controlantenna performs very well when used with quality RG6 cable. You can’t get better performance for this price. Also, once installed you can say goodbye to Cable/Satellite bills forever.

  2. DrMIKE

    We live far out in the country, at least fifty miles from the nearest transmitters. This antenna feeds us 58 usable channels, some from 130 miles away, most with excellent signal strength. By using the rotator, we discovered the ideal reception direction was not what we expected. You’ll need a longer cable than the one provided, so be prepared. You’ll probably also want a one inch antenna mount of some kind.

  3. Steve Denny

    I bought ours about two weeks ago. Yes I was skeptical but after over a hundred reviews I decided to give it a shot. We live in east Tennessee far away from any major metro areas, with the Cherokee National Forest and Starr Mountain in our back yard. Before I retired 4 years ago, I installed all of the major satellite dishes that received signals for tv and/or internet connections. I wished I had known about this antenna for those customers where I couldn’t get a line of sight for their tv satellite connection. Yes their is some assembly required, however it isn’t really that complicated. After assembly I had the antenna sitting on a bar stool next to my HDTV in my den and thought what the heck, before I climb upon the roof and mount this thing, I wondered if I could pick up any channels. So I began the digital scan on my “tv input” after hooking up the antenna. I walked away and in a few minutes I had scanned 16 channels. I began surfing through the channels and I was along with my wife was totally amazed with the awesome high definition picture. It looked as good as a satellite picture. I tested the control box and it worked like a charm. The next day I mounted it on the peak of my one story home using an old satellite dish mounting mast, and using a short metal pole and self tapping screws, attached the antenna to this mast to ensure a stable mount. I returned to the tv and once again ran through the scanning processing as I did before. This time it brought in 30 channels!! Holy Cow. I pick up both Knoxville and Chattanooga stations which are 110 miles apart, however I am 70 miles away from Knoxville and 80 miles from Chattanooga. This is exactly what I needed in the event of heavy rains or storms when the satellite signal is interrupted. The only thing that was a bummer was the remote control didn’t come with the delivery. However after contacting the company who manufactures this antenna in Ontario, California via email, these fine people had a remote control to me in two days. So, at this juncture, I couldn’t be happier with this antenna. If my dad was still alive today, he would have loved this thing, because he hated with a passion to have to pay to watch tv. I will be purchasing another one for some dear friends who live in the western North Carolina mountains. If you know what your doing when installing this antenna, it is a gem! Steve Denny

  4. Customer

    This antenna is quite excellent; we live about 40 – 50 miles away from most TV stations, and with this antenna we get a total of 35 channels from a plethora of different stations. I bought this unit after I found that an indoor antenna unit did very poorly. I have the antenna mounted outside on a clothesline pole, not a roof or other very highly elevated place and still get excellent signal. It is a MUST to purchase your RG6 coaxial cable separately — the piece of cable that comes with the unit is very poor quality. I purchased some high quality Mediabridge Tri-Shielded RG6 coaxial cable (part of the Mediabridge “Ultra Series”, part # CJ50-6BF-N1) and used this cable to connect the antenna to the RG6 coax line that runs into my home. One very important thing I found out was that the control unit box included with the antenna is REQUIRED. At first, I simply ran the cable from the antenna to my TV and was astounded when I wasn’t able to receive any channels; after I ran the cable through the control unit box and then to my TV, I was able to then receive excellent signal with all of the channels that I wanted to get. I have no need for the rotation system as the bulk of the stations here are in a single direction, so I cannot report on the quality or status of the rotor, though I am pleased that we have the convenience should any new stations arrive in the future.

    As a whole, I am very satisfied with this antenna; 35 channels is excellent for the distance we are from the stations and the poor reception we were receiving with our previous indoor antenna. I am extremely happy with this unit and would recommend this unit to anyone looking for an antenna — in fact, I will likely be ordering another one of these units to setup and install for a friend in the near future.

  5. JD712

    We live 80 to 100 miles from any transmission towers which are in several different directions. After trying several so called omnidirectional antennas we purchased this antenna after reading reviews. The antenna is outstanding. It pulls in strong signals from all the closest towers and we even get some channels from areas beyond 100 miles.

    Keep in mind digital signals are effected by severe weather much like the small satellite dishes so during bad weather we loose the furthermost signals and some of the closest ones come and go during the worst weather.

    We have been through several mid-west severe thunderstorms since I installed this antenna and everything still works like it did out of the box.

    Just an added note the antenna arrived too late to install out side the first night so I sat it on a table in our front window and got better reception with it there than we were getting with our other antenna mounted 50 feet high outside. This is truly a great antenna and I would strongly recommend it especially for anyone living in extreme fringe areas.

    My only suggestion to the company is to include a direction indicator on the on the remote control and have directional buttons instead of double clicking to reverse direction.

  6. Russell Gaulke

    With a radio shack indoor antenna on my TV I was only receiving 4 channels and those would fade in and out. With the HD-2605 I now receive about 20 channels with good reception. I used the old Dish TV as my mount and placed the antenna on a 6 foot steel pipe I secured in the mount. My antenna just clears the top of the roof, so I would guess it is about 14 feet off the ground. I love it. It was easy to assemble. I only use the built in rotation motor for initial station location and leave the antenna where I get my best reception. Some of the stations I receive are in excess of 60 miles from where I live. The instructions are pretty much worthless, but you can figure it out or even watch someone on You Tube. The 50 foot cable that accompanied it was defective, but I used the Dish TV cable that was already installed and it works like a dream. The antenna itself looks cheap but has withstood rain wind and freezing temperatures.

  7. GP Swaney

    I live in the Upstate of South Carolina. Using this antenna we can view over 50 local channels for free.

    It was easy to install in my attic and still has great reception despite being inside. I was pleased to find that I worked well while being protected from the elements. The construction looks like it may not hold up well if exposed to the weather.

    Very pleased with this purchase. I have recommended it to family members already.

  8. Charlemagne

    The LAVA 2805 Ultra HD TV antenna is exactly as its name implies HOT! I found this to be a Fantastic HD TV antenna with only one flaw.

    Before I get too deep into my review I want to recommend if you’re thinking about buying this do your home work and see how many stations you can receive before you make your purchase. If you live in a rural area, sadly you might be disappointed to find only a handful of stations. On the other hand, if you live in a more urban area you might find a lot of stations. My recommendation is take a look at the websites for TV Fool and Tablo.

    I found quite a few HD station locators on the internet but these two gave the most accurate picture of what you’re expected amount and location of stations you can receive.

    I think my story is like most people who are looking at or interested in the idea of going back to a TV antenna. Cable companies are on average charging $100 or more for an infinite amount of crappy programing.

    Because of the cost and poor content I would rather get poor content for free than pay for it. Aside from that my TV tastes have gone back to the older programs. Even if they can’t be watched in HD.

    I purchased the LAVA 2805 HD TV antenna and in a short period of time I have been VERY HAPPY with the picture quality and the amount of stations I can receive. Again based on what I said above I can receive 67 stations for my area. Local news and PBS to ME TV, ANT TV, MOVIE TV, GRIT TV, HSN etc. There are Latino, Asian, and Russian TV Channels in there too. Those same channels were on my cable as well.

    The 2805 was very easy to unpack. Open the box remove everything, carefully pull open your VHF wings and that is all you can do out of the box. Installation will probably be your hard part. The seller I got this from did not place this in an additional box, so it arrived in its own box for everyone to see what it was. Luckily there is always someone home to check for boxes where I am plus no package thieves that I know of.

    Before installing you need to decide where you want your antenna placed. There are basically two ways to install. Inside or outside your home. I tested mine in the living room and without any proper placement I received about 30 stations. Without the G3 control box I was able to pick up about 16 stations. I don’t know for sure but it appears to be that the G3 control box is an amplifier and tuner that allows for better and more reception of the channels being broadcasted.

    I choose the attic of my house since it is mostly wood and siding between the 2805 antenna and the Radio Frequencies (RF) it is trying to receive. Also I don’t have to worry about the wind and elements impacting the antenna. RF does not like to go through steel or/and concrete so if that is what you have then your only option then is outside. Also if you’re getting a weak signal in your attic then outside is where this will have to be mounted. If you are forced to do it outside I would look up best practices for putting an antenna outside. Antennas use Line of Site (LOS) to receive the RF the TV stations are broadcasting. So keep in mind if the antenna can’t get above or see (“see” means being pointed at the transmitter site without huge objects between them) the transmitter site your signal strength will not be as good as it could be.

    Since I chose the attic, I took an old speaker stand that wasn’t being used, added some 1/2 inch PVC pipe to allow it to be mounted to the stand and set it in the attic out of the way and where the Antenna could rotate 360 degrees without hitting anything.

    The hardest part after that was running the cable to where the TV was. This is an older house and the existing cable was ran from the outside of the house to a window frame where they came into the house.

    My only “real” complaint about this product is the G3 control box and remote. Tuning the Antenna in my case involved using my TV’s signal strength display for the channel and holding the tune remote button until the signal bars got bigger. That is not so bad so much as if you miss the peak tuning spot you have to hold the button until the antenna rotates a full 360 degrees then comes back around the way it just came from to get back to that spot. I really wish it would have been able to go back the opposite way to make tuning easier OR having some sort of display on the G3 Control box to indicate or give you an idea as to prepare you to slow down for fine tuning when it gets close to where it was when you missed the tuning peak spot the first time. It took some playing with it to get used to it. However, I can see where’ some people would not be as patient as myself.

    Overall I give this a strong 4 stars. Had the tuning experience not been as it was I would have given it a rock solid 5 stars. If anything changes later I will update my review.

  9. debwill1

    I received this item quickly and it was fairly easy to install. The only complaint I have is I can’t get the one local channel I really wanted. Channel 11 WBAL it would be nice if there was a booster that could be purchased for this issue. Other than that many channels available and for the most part the available channels are clear.

  10. sweetwillow555

    We had bought another antenna that was a little over double what we paid for this one, needless to say it’s not always true that you get what you paid for, because the previous antenna didn’t pick up nearly as many channels as this WONDERFUL Lava antenna did! My husband put the antenna on the porch, did a couple of other things to get the channels to come in, which took about 20 min for total set up and before we knew it, we were watching tv. I couldn’t get over the quality of the channels we were getting. Right off the bat we picked up 20 channels. The motor on this antenna is super quiet, which is a plus in my book, and very smooth. The antenna doesn’t jerk around like many of the other brands I’ve seen. When my husband finally set the antenna up on the eve of the house, it worked so well that we didn’t even have to use the rotating motor at all, all of the channels come in by themselves. We didn’t get any more, but with basic cable, nothing has really changed, except for the fact that we won’t be paying 93.00 a month any more for tv!

  11. Jim D

    I bought this antenna last year after finding a bracket that would allow the use of this antenna on a retractable arm for our travel trailer. The antenna it self looks great and impressive and is built with quality in mind. It’s performance however is no better than the “bat wing” antenna that came with the trailer. For quality and looks I would give 5 stars, for performance I would only give it 3 stars. Home Antenna is a great place staffed with people that are dedicated to their jobs, I would rate them at 5 stars with a plus at the end.

  12. ansley

    Hi this is Ansley and I want to thank you for your help on my purchase of the antenna ! It works
    great and I cannot believe how perfect this antenna performs. I just want to thank you for your time
    in sending me the best antenna and the extra warranty too ! It really means a lot to me and my
    family. Thanks again.

  13. Antonio Grazie

    This antenna is superbly receiving digital signals directly from station transmission towers that are clustered together 28-32 miles distant but is not limited in receiving signals that are further away. Many of the farther ones are stations that are not relevant to personal viewing tastes, network duplications of closer local stations, or ones in different compass directions. TVfool.com has a lot helpful information about this.

    The antenna is mounted from the ground at approximately 22 feet in height (seven feet over the roof), and the height was required to achiever signal stability of one local station. It is mounted on a one inch metal electrical conduit.

    Advantages: 1. No more cable bill. 2. Receives the signals directly from the towers allowing for enhanced picture definition. 3. Flexibility to create cost effective and relevant media viewing choices using a variety of media, e.g., video streaming, video discs, TV, without paying for costly channel bundles that may include many channels outside of personal tastes. 4. Rotates 360 degrees to fine tune the strongest signal using remote control. (Height placement appears to be more important to receive stable signals on some channels and the rotation is most useful during severe weather or for receiving signals from different compass directions. With all of TV station towers relevant to personal interests clustered in one direction, this LAVA 2805 works well without changing aim, mostly).

    Cut the cord.

  14. Fred

    Will never subscribe to cable again. I get 50 stations. I deleted about 25 but love the other 25. I really enjoy all the reruns I have not seen in years. It has a remote so that I can zone in on the particular station I want. I have 3 sets connected to this one antenna.

  15. Pamela J. Daughety

    I have been using this model for seven years, and I recently bought my second. The motor that turns the antenna finally went out on my first antenna. I purchased a newer version of the HD-2805 and it performs just as well as my 2010 version. I live in a hilly suburb, so my reception varies throughout the year. I don’t have the antenna on the roof, but I stuck it in a bush outside in front of my living room window and under an overhang. It does need to be level for it to turn. I don’t get perfect reception all of the time, but I find it’s tolerable. Adjusting the antenna usually helps my reception, but not always. I get more channels than I need-around 40. Reception does depend on your location and other variables, but I have had a good experience with this model. It hasn’t been perfect, though. It does require a cord to be attached from the antenna to the television, which is why I chose not to put it on the roof (plus I like being able to see the direction it points). I have more frequent problems with the reception at certain times of the year. For me, my experiences have been more positive than negative. I’ll continue to use this antenna as long as
    I can.

  16. Peter Pan

    Working great for me

  17. JD

    Love this antenna. Channels come in so clear. I have it indoors but probably wouldn’t do well outdoors. It is made partially of plastic and not durable enough to withstand inclement weather. If you are looking for an outdoor antenna, this is not the intended for you. But if you plan on putting it indoors this is absolutely a great antenna.

  18. Paul H

    Picks up 25 channels

  19. Sammy

    Our other HD aluminum antenna weighed about 25 pounds which up on a 50 pole caught the wind all of the time which would make our television lose the channel. This LAVA Antenna with Motor weighs hardly anything at all. I was hoping the new one would get a lot more channels than we were getting with the older one and it does get more channels, but living up in the Sierra foothills, you get what you get. Can’t complain with getting over 30 channels and not paying for cable or dish each month. The motor does move the antenna around too fast for fine tuning so luckily I had designed the pole to allow for that. It would have gotten five stars if the motor moved more slowly and the antenna pulled in a lot more channels. All in all I think it is a good buy, especially if you live a little closer to a big town.

  20. Jane L.

    I love it, love it, love it !!! All the stations I was looking for come in clear as can be.

  21. debora b.

    Signal isn’t super great it now my dad can get local channels. He mounted this on his roof with a J-Pole to attach it to. We live in a city surrounded by mountains where basic channels are all static or don’t come in at all. He is in a two-story so this is up a ways high and he doesn’t get a ton of channels but gets about 65% of the basic (2-13) channels now. Not all of them, but still cheaper than monthly cable service.

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