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LAVA HD-8000 Omnidirectional 4K Long Range Outdoor Indoor TV RV Antenna plus Installation Kit


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  • Recommend for whom may want compact design
  • Reception up to 125 miles
  • 1080p High Definition and Ultra 4K Ready
  • No rotation needed – pick up signals from all directions
  • Antenna size: 28 inches wide, 11 inches circular dome, 3 inches height
  • Powerful inline low noise / high gain amplifier


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LAVA HD 8000 Detail

Main Benefits

No wind drag. Perfect for urban area/RV/boat.

This is a specially designed new concept omnidirectional antenna for digital outdoor analogue and terrestrial HDTV broadcasting reception. It is the best solution for home reception and digital portable TV reception. Because LAVA 8008 has the anti-UV and waterproof features, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor. The Lava 8000 is rated to 120 miles, but we only recommend for people with Strong and Moderate signal strength within 50 miles, for best results. 

What is the omnidirectional antenna?

An omnidirectional TV antenna receives information from all directions. Other types of antennas, like the unidirectional antenna, can only receive signals when pointed at the source. Previously, people had to install rotors on antennas to change the direction of the antenna in order to get the best signal strength. An omnidirectional antenna is different. It can pick up signals from all directions, regardless of the source’s position, without having to move or adjust the device. Not only are signals stronger and the picture quality better, but the user does not need to constantly change the direction of the antenna when he or she changes channels. 

HD-2605 HD-8000 HD-8008
Range Up to 150 Miles Up to 120 Miles Up to 120 Miles
Ideal Range 40 to 80 Miles 5 to 50 Miles 5-58 Miles
Size 22 x 30 x 4 inches 11 x 4 x 11  inches 16.2 x 11.1 x 4.1 inch
Analogue TV
Built-in low noise amplifier
360° Rotatable
Remote Control Don’t need to rotate Don’t need to rotate
Damp-Proof Solid Structure
# of TV connection 2 (without splitter)

up to 8 (with splitter)

1 (without spli-


up to 4 (with splitter)

1 (without splitter)

up to 4 (with splitter)

Batteries N/A N/A  N/A
Price $69.95 $84.95 $84.95
Free Shipping

Antenna Quick Solution

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4 reviews for LAVA HD-8000 Omnidirectional 4K Long Range Outdoor Indoor TV RV Antenna plus Installation Kit

  1. Joe Miller

    Arrived on time no damage. All parts were in the box for a normal installation. I used the best Coax cable. I made system very well grounded. I used good parts to install The LAVA OmniPro HD TV antenna. We live about 50 miles from the Station antennas and all station we wanted received good. We received 54 TV stations, but we only wish to watch about 15 and we deselected the rest. We also stream Roku and have Ooma Telo for our Phone on the internet. Every thing we bought and installed works as advertised. Do your DD and enjoy all this equipment. Cable can be eliminated, We now only have internet from cable and we may change that too. Easy instructions and all parts fit and adjusted for good reception. If the unit last as long as I think I will, we be very happy. Plan out your install and order parts ahead of time. If you have several installation ideas, order enough parts for all plans of installation. You can return the unused parts. You will be happy.

  2. Scruffy

    Cut the cord…and loved it. WOW this was purchased for my summer cottage as I was tired of the terrible satellite service and the 150.00/month bill. Granted because of my remote location I only receive a few channels but it is more than enough. I will also cut the cord when my service contract is finished in Florida. Love it easy to install, the picture is better than the satellite service I once had. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  3. Daniel W. Lindsey

    I bought this antenna for my sailboat that is located 65 miles north of Norfolk, VA and 60 miles east of Richmond, VA.
    I ran it up to near the top of my mast (65 feet high) using a spare halyard. I get 34 digital stations including all the networks and several PBS stations.
    I used a splitter to send a signal to my Tivoli radio. That worked great as well.
    I plan to lower and stow it when under way or leaving the boat for an extended period, as it don’t think it would last long in a marine environment.
    I used RG6 quad shield cable. Be sure to use a cable clamp as a strain relief, as the housing is pretty light weight. The directions say to attach the cable only finger tight. I can believe this as you could easily twist off the connection point by over torquing.
    This is a great antenna and a very reasonable price.

  4. vincent evelyn

    Quite satisfied with lava 8000

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