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$10 Customer Exclusive Coupon

What Is the Exclusive Coupon? 

In our continual effort to better serve you, we are pleased to create an exclusive $10 offer for you. We are so thankful to have you with our business recently.

Who Will Receive the Coupon?

Any customers make a purchase at Home Antenna.

When Will I Receive the Coupon?

Typically Home Antenna will send out the exclusive coupon on 15th and end of the day every month.


Why FSA-1806 Antenna is Much Better than Other Similar Antennas?2017-12-12T17:43:30+00:00
  • 6 UHF elements design which allows for receiving MORE channels with BETTER image & audio quality
  • Reception radius is up to 200 miles
  • Additional VHF reflectors and longer band enable 25% MORE gain area than other popular models
  • MORE premium quality built for BETTER outdoor performance
  • Durable design for BETTER windproof
  • Shielded cable connection to minimize signal loss


How To Install Antenna?2017-11-20T14:52:50+00:00

Not Sure How to Install Our Antennas? Check Our Video Center for Demonstration or Call (888)779-5077 for Further Assistance

How does the picture compare to cable or satellite TV?2017-10-26T17:10:39+00:00

Broadcast TV picture quality is as good as or better than cable or satellite. Cable and satellite operators often compress local broadcast channels before re-broadcasting. The compression reduces picture quality compared to over-the-air broadcast. Compressing signals opens up more bandwidth and allows providers to squeeze in more channels nobody watches.

How much does broadcast TV cost?2017-10-26T17:11:14+00:00


TV broadcast signals are, and always have been, free for anyone to receive. No monthly fees!

What is Broadcast Television?2017-10-26T17:11:36+00:00

It is the transmission of TV signals over public air waves, and has been around since 1947. The first TV transmissions used an analog format, in 2009 virtually all TV broadcast switched to a digital format (DTV).

What type of antenna do I need?2017-10-26T17:11:45+00:00

Indoor – usually works well for receiving stations less than 20 or 25 miles

Outdoor – Reception or station tower greater than 25 miles

What are the frequencies of broadcast TV ?2017-10-26T17:11:53+00:00

Broadcast TV transmits in the VHF and UHF bands.



Home Antenna currently has 2 sites, www.homeantenna.com and www.homeantenna.org.

Homeantenna.org is our oldest site therefore a lot of new web features are not supported. We highly recommend you make the order in the new site – Hometenna.com for better experiences.


I’m having issues with my new antenna2017-10-26T17:12:12+00:00

Don’t worry. We guarantee all Home Antennas’ antenna products to be free of defects in workmanship and material for 2 years after sale to customers. We will replace the whole package or repair specific parts if any part is defective or doesn’t function appropriately. Customers are responsible for paying for the shipping cost of exchange and replacement. Please contact our customers service 1-888-779-5077 or service@homeatnenna.org for assistance.

My package is missing some parts2017-10-26T17:12:18+00:00

We recommend you to call our customer service at 1-888-779-5077 for further assistance.

Another offer appeared on your site after my purchase, can I get that offer?2017-10-26T17:12:31+00:00

 Please call our customer service at 1-888-779-5077.

Where are you located at? Is the store in USA,?2017-10-26T17:12:41+00:00

No. We don’t have physical stores. We welcome every customer to stop by our company in beautiful San Dimas, CA.

Will you be able to give me the tracking number once shipped, or will I recieve an email?2017-10-26T17:14:05+00:00

Our system will send you order confirmation to your email automatically and an update email with your tracking number later when the shipping lable is created. Please check your email’s Spam folder if you do not see any emails. Some of our customers may not receive tracking number for various reasons. If you didn’t receive emails, Please contact our customers service 1-888-779-5077 or service@homeatnenna.org for assistance.

Products Recommendations & Inquires2017-10-26T17:14:12+00:00

Q:  I want the best antenna you have in receiving as many TV channels as possible and I want to hook to 4 TV’s plus can each TV watch different shows while all on same antenna? I’m in Michigan, I have 2 story house can mount on top peak of house.

Answer: The LAVA HD 2605 is our best selling and top rated model which can recieve TV signals up to 150 miles range. However, the number of TV stations you can recieve depends on your location and geography. The signal strength depends on how far away you are from TV transmitters. If hills, trees, buildings, or other geographic features are in between the broadcast towers and the antenna, the signals might not be able to reach your antenna.

For example, shown in the following picture, if you live in Lansing, MI, you may probably recieve at least 24 channels because 24 transmitters are set within 60 miles of Lansing. (Remember our antenna can pick up signals up to 150 miles).

Please click the following link below check HDTV signal in your area by typing in your address:


LAVA HD 2605 has dual outputs which means you could connect two TV without TV splitter. If you want to hook up to 4 TVs, you do need a TV splitter which allows you to hook up up to 8 TVs.

Each TV can play different shows while all on same antenna.

Click to shop LAVA HD 2605 

Click to shop TV splitter

Q:  How long is the cable we can use on the lava 150 mile antennas? Seem to have reception issues with long runs.

Yes. We highly recommend that the cable is within 50 feet. When cable lengths reach over 100 feet, as much as 1/3 of the signal can be lost.  If you are using a splitter, this could also weaken signal strength.

Click here to shop cables. 

What channels will I get?2017-10-26T17:14:18+00:00

Depending on your location and media market, the number of channels will vary. Almost all of our RURAL customers report they could receive about 20 channels. The most common channels are: NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, PBS, THE CW, QUBO, TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, RTV, THIS TV, ION, ME TV & WEATHER CHANNELS.

Remember, every channel you pick up has up to 3 subchannels. For example, if your NBC is on channel 5, you will also pick up NBC 5.2 and NBC 5.3 subchannels. Usually the 5.2 is an all day movie channel and the 5.3 is a 24 hour local weather channel. Each channel is unique, expect many different programming options.

Please click the following link below check HDTV signal in your area by typing in your address: