Time to Cut the Cord

Do you know the top five cable companies lost over 235,000 subscribers during the 2018 first quarter? The cost of a cable subscription far outpaces the rate of inflation, and the average household cost of cable currently stands at around $100 a month. That’s an expense of over a thousand dollars a year, just to maintain the use of a television.

Home Antenna continues to provide consumers with multiple options to enjoy free over-the-air broadcast TV.

Cut the Cord Today

The average basic cable subscriber can spend up to (or over) $100 each month. That’s over $1000 each year! Think about $100 a month can go towards – college funds, retirement, dream vacations, car loan, and more!

Over 90% US households can receive FREE TV signals with the proper antenna

With the right antenna, most US households can receive free digital and HDTV signals. Channel reception is dependent on location and the range of your antenna, but those located close to broadcast towers can easily take advantage of free signals. Our HDTV antennas offer various premium indoor and outdoor antenna.

A full line of outdoor antenna models, perfect for the D-I-Y crowd, are easy to install on roofs and exterior balconies and walls. Outdoor models are protected by a weather resistant finish and a UV coated ABS hard plastic housing.