How to Watch Sport Games for FREE!

If you are a sport fan, nothing is better than those first signs of Fall approaching because 2018-2019 NBA regular season begins on Oct. 15th. With all the changes happened in Summer, each season brings a new opportunity for your favorite team to win the champion. If you are one of the NBA fans with a deep appreciation for your team, you probably spend entire weekend watching the games.

You don’t really need cable to watch games unless you like John (His story is here), a die-hard NBA Lakers fan. In fact, an HDTV antenna will provide most of season games to you for free! If you are not sure about the antenna, you may check our historical posts and we have an entire antenna guide for you! Air antenna can’t receive ESPN, but the games on ESPN are usually simulcast on the local networks, which bodes well for antenna users that aren’t in extra streaming services to their lineup.

Streaming Services

You can try some streaming trials for free to round out your viewing experience. Let’s start with the most budget friendly option – Sling TV. It includes the channels you need at the lowest price but less local content, and your TV antenna is already cover that part so you are in a good shape. Hulu Live and YouTbe TV have variety of networks and extra add-on services.

There is no reason why a sport fan shouldn’t be able to watch their favorite teams the whole season long with TV antenna and the help from a streaming service. Enjoy the shows!