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HDTV antenna recommendation by zip code

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Reception map color indicators:

Green: Indoor antennas and short-range outdoor antennas can usually pick up most green-tinted channels.

Yellow: Antennas often need to at least be mounted in the attic to pick up yellow-tinted channels.

Brown: Antennas must be mounted on rooftops to have a chance at picking up these brown-tinted channels.Try 150 mile range outdoor antenna. 

Red: Channels are unlikely to be picked up by an antenna using standard measures.



Please note:

These predictions are based on a terrain-sensitive propagation model resembling but not identical to the propagation model used when calculating service and interference contours for licensed broadcast television stations. Actual signal strength may vary based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, building construction, neighboring buildings and trees, weather, and specific reception hardware. Your signal strength may be significantly lower in extremely hilly areas.

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