1.  The antenna does not rotate?

Please follow these steps to identify the problem.

1)  Is your control box power ON?

If it’s not power on. Check with the power adapter and make sure the connection is correct.
->If you have a voltage meter, you can use the meter to test the adapter to see it has output to determine the problem.
->If you do not have a voltage meter and check everything seems normal, usually the problem happens on the control box inside has defective.

->Check if you can see the green light come ON when you press the rotation button.
If the green light does not come ON, maybe there is a problem with the control box, it did not send rotation signal to the Antenna

2)  Control Box Orange LED ON?

->If you can receive channels. the problem may from other antenna parts.

By disconnect the control box with the Antenna and the TV, then reconnect back the antenna or tv one by one to see which one showing orange light.

->If you cannot receive channels. the problem may from the control box

By just connect the control box with the power supply, if the orange light showing, the control box is broken.

2. TV No reception?

1) Is your Antenna power on and can rotate?

Make sure that the Antenna works normal first if the antenna does not rotate, check with question 1 on the top.
If Antenna can rotate scan the channel again by switching the cable from TV1 to TV2 to your TV. Usually, the Antenna is no problem if can rotate. Need to Check the TV setting option.

2)  What kind of TV do you have?

TV problem: If the antenna is working fine, then the problem probably is on your TV and contact your TV’s manufacturer to fix it.
Digital Converter Box (DVR) needed if you have an analog TV.
For an HDTV and never use an antenna before: Set the TV signal source on Air or Antenna before you scan the channels.

3. How can I connect my Antenna to more TVs?

You can use a splitter to connect to the TV1 or TV2 on the control box if you have more than two TVs. For model: HD-2605, 2805, FSA-3806, FSA-5809