High Definition TV (HDTV) Fundamentals


Almost all television’s manufactured since 2007 has a built-in digital tuner, or more accurately an ATSC tuner, for receiving over-the-air TV. Some digital televisions do not use a low noise receiver (common in analog TV’s), and may not get some weaker signals. One reason not to use a low noise receiver is to cut cost, another is satellite and cable TV does not (usually) require a low noise receiver.

ATSC – Advanced Television System Committee – Digital TV
NTSC – National Television System Committee – Analog TV



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FSA-1808  is a digital converter box which converts OTA ATSC signal to analog and digital TV. The box functions as the digital tuner, so watching high definition channels won’t be a problem any more.



The box also allows you to record TV Programs and playback. You can schedule to record your favorite TV program and playback when you have time. Never miss your favorite shows when you are in grocery shopping or stuck in the traffic.