HDTV antenna is the most affordable way to watch FREE HDTV shows. In addition, an antenna can help you cut the cord and save a lot. It is fairly easy to set up, either outdoor or indoor antenna. You may be surprised by how many channels are available over the air. You will typically find all of the major networks, including CBS, ABC, and NBC, as well as others you might not have considered.

A lot of customers ask whether the antenna can receive HBO, ESPN, or others. Even antenna has so many benefits, but the antenna doesn’t work like that. However, there are other alternatives to bring down your monthly bill. We would recommend an antenna with third-party streaming services. Below are the comparison chart and antenna we recommend

Provider Pros Cons Cost
  • Stable Signal & Low Latency
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Watch
  • Rental Cable Box
  • Dish Installation
  • Cable Box Fee
  • Monthly Bill
  • No Monthly Bill
  • No Contract
  • Life Time Value
  • HD Channels
  • Signal May Be Affected by Weather & Location
  • Less Channels
  • Antenna Fee
TV Streaming
  • No Contract
  • Multiple Platforms
  • Less Channels
  • One Device Only for Basic Package
  • Monthly Fee 20+

Outdoor Antenna

FSA 3806 – Best Rotation Antenna

FSA-5818 – Best Selling Omni-directional Antenna

Indoor Antenna

FSA-5810 – Paper Thin Antenna