How to Improve Reception

Understanding how to improve antenna reception will help your antenna perform better. Let’s take a look below.

Antenna Position

  1. Mount the antenna as high as possible.
  2. Clear of clutter in tower directions.
  3. Pointed in direction of broadcast towers.


1. Frequency Bands

Most broadcasts are in the UHF band, but in some cases, a UHF antenna works for VHF signals

Use a VHF / UHF antenna to get all bands

In addition to receiving only VHF / UHF signals, our premium antennas can even receive a DTV / FM signal. Check the antenna models below to learn more!

FSA-5818 | FSA-3806


2. Weak Signal

Use a high gain antenna.

Install an antenna pre-amp.

Most of our outdoor antennas come with built-in low noise & high gain amplifier, so you don’t have to spend extra money on the pre-amp. Check our most valuable deal now – Installation Kit Package

3. Distant & Spread Out Headings

Use 2 or 3 antennas.
Use an Omni antenna (360° coverage). Omni antenna can pick up signals from all directions within its reception range, therefore no need to rotate the antenna.
Rotor antenna (high gain and 360°). Typically, the rotor antenna can reach further distance than the Omni antenna.


 1. Coax

RG-6 coax cable (F-type connectors).

Cable runs as short as possible.

Installation Package includes one antenna, one flat cable, one 40 feet coax cable, one 4-way splitter, and 15 cable clips.

2. Connectors

Make sure all connectors are tight.

Check outside connectors for corrosion.

Outside connectors covered with a rubber weather boot or electrical tape. The surge protector will prevent high voltage surge & lighting strikes.

Unused ports covered with a 75 ohm load.