If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. Getting an antenna is easy, and installing it in a straightforward process. However, making sure that you get as many channels as possible will take a little research and dedication. An HDTV antenna is already a much better deal than a monthly cable bill, but its value can be even better with some tinkering.

The first and most important step is to know which stations are found in your region. Once you know the range of your antenna, you need to know all the stations that are inside your HDTV antenna’s range. Directional antennas have the farthest range, especially if they’re outdoor antennas, but you’ll need to actually know which direction to aim that antenna for the channel you want. HDTV antennas like our HD2605 have a rotational motor so that you can turn the antenna remotely after installation, which is great if your favorite channels come from opposite directions.

Interference can keep you from getting certain television stations, even if the transmitting tower is within your antenna’s range. The best way to minimize that interference is to make sure that the antenna is positioned in the ideal reception spot. There’s no way to move the transmitter towers, but the antenna is free to stand in any place where there is space. Mounting an outdoor antenna at the top of a long pole gives it the ability to capture much more information. Removing all the clutter from the space near an indoor antenna and placing it by a window works in a similar way.

Electronics can also be a strong source of interference if they’re anywhere near an antenna. For an antenna to be free from this, it should be the only piece of technology within arm’s reach of itself.

Indoor antennas are meant to be usable indoors, but like all antennas they work better in the open. Stationing them outside or right by a window screen does improve the amount of channels they can receive.

By knowing where your channels are coming from and what might keep them from getting to you, you’ll be better prepared to get the most of the channels you want at any given time.