Do You Need an Indoor or Outdoor Antenna?

Do you need an indoor or outdoor antenna? Home Antenna will help you find out which one would be the best type for you!

Indoor TV Antenna

An indoor antenna may be the best solution if you live near signal towers, like 20~30 miles away. If you can’t mount an outdoor antenna, then indoor would be your only option.

The indoor antenna signal would be easily affected. Your building material, household appliances, electrical devices may affect the signal. Therefore, finding the best position is the critical move for a strong clear signal.

If you are looking for an indoor antenna, Home Antenna will recommend FSA 2808, which is the most affordable antenna and take you the least effort to set up.

FSA 2808 Indoor Antenna



Outdoor TV Antenna

Outdoor Antenna will offer the best opportunity for receiving TV signals if installing antenna outdoor is not a problem. You need to make sure the antenna has a better line of sight to signal tower.

Home Antenna will recommend long-range antenna to customers who lives far away from the signal tower.

Check Our 2018 Outdoor Antenna FSA-3806, which reception is up to 200 miles, auto gain technology, 4K HDTV, and more!