What Is Omnidirection Antenna?

What is omnidirectional TV antenna? An omnidirectional TV antenna receives signals from all directions. Other types of antennas, like the unidirectional antenna, can only receive signals when pointed at the source. Previously, people had to install rotors on antennas to change the direction of the antenna in order to get the best signal strength. An omnidirectional antenna is different. It can pick up signals from all directions, regardless of the source’s position, without having to move or adjust the device. Not only are signals stronger and the picture quality better, but the user does not need to constantly change the direction of the antenna when he or she changes channels. 




Range Up to 150 Miles Up to 150 Miles Up to 120 Miles
Ideal Range 40 to 80 Miles 20 to 60 Miles 5-58 Miles
Size 22 x 30 x 4 inches 37 x 20 x 4 inches 16.2 x 11.1 x 4.1 inch
Analog TV
Build-in low noise amplifier
360° Rotatable
Remote Control Don’t need to rotate
Damp-Proof Solid Structure
# of TV connection 2 (without splitter)

up to 8 (with splitter)

2 (without spli


up to 8 (with splitter)

1 (without splitter)

up to 4 (with splitter)

Price $69.95 $64.95 $84.95 
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