Five Star FSA-5826 Multi-Directional 150 Miles Outdoor Indoor Strong Reception 4K HDTV Antenna UHF VHF 1080P FM Radio


  • HD crystal clear digital 4K 1080p, 1080i HD TV broadcast over-the-air and local channels.
  • The advanced built-in smart chip help to reach more VHF UHF HD channels.
  • Multi-element body design and extended length for better reception.
  • Outdoor long-range signal reception can reach up to 200 miles (based on the location and singal strength).
  • Upgraded durable body design can stand for most outdoor weather conditions.
  • Mounting outdoor on the roof, chimney, eave, mast, or higher place to receive a better signal, this antenna can also put inside the attic or inside your house with limited restriction.
  • Assemble required: the antenna comes with pre-assembled parts, fully assemble needed.



Your Ultimate HDTV Antenna Choices! 

  • ULTRA HD and Multi-directional elements deliver range and reception in less-than-ideal locations. The antenna can pick up VHF and UHF Channels. With this booster technology, it allows reaching signals up to 150 miles (Signals may vary depending on Location).
  • ATSC 3.0 READY Digital antenna Capable of providing superior VHF, UHF, and HD signal to multiple TVs in your home requires a TV splitter. Find the most over-the-air stations.
  • [TIPS FOR BEST PERFORMANCE] Before purchase, go to to find the available channels in your area, and adjust the antenna accordingly for best reception. Don’t forget to perform a new channel scan on the TV after installing and after adjusting the position of the antenna. Also before installing it on the roof or attic, run a test inside the house with all the provided parts before adding a splitter and using an existing coax cable.
  • [SAVE NOW AND ENJOY FREE CHANNELS] Package included: Five Star multi-directional TV antenna, 40ft RG6 coax cable, Mounting Pole, booster, and power supply (TV splitter and cable clips are optional). Freely mount our Five Star antenna with the pole on the roof, attic, chimney, eave, mast, or outside the house with or without a line of sight. The antenna has been pre-assembled for some parts. Fully assembly required.
Five Star Multi-Directional 4V HDTV Antenna - up to 150 Mile Range

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Antenna + Pole, Antenna + kit + Pole


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