Outdoor and indoor TV Antennas

Best outdoor and indoor TV antennas online. To figure out which channels are available in your location, please head to the TV Reception Map. Simply enter your zip code in the search box, the Enter, and you’ll get the reception chart.

How to Interpret the Results

In general, you should be able to receive most of the green channels using a good antenna and some experimentation.

  1. If you got a lot of green stations, congrats you’re in good shape! You should do well with an antenna with RG6 cable or choose our bundles if you want to get better reception of VHF (the Hi-V) channels. More info here.
  2. If you got just a few green and some yellow channels, an outdoor antenna is best, but you will get some channels with an indoor antenna. I would recommend the Five Star 2808 indoor antenna. More indoor antennas here.
  3. If you got all yellow and orange channels, you’ll need an outdoor antenna. Lava Omni-direction 8008 will be your best choice!
  4. If you got all orange or red channels or no channels, you should try to get free TV over the Internet.

The strongest signals are at the top while the weakest are at the bottom.

If you have any question regarding antenna configurations, differences, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (888)779-5077.