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  • Sale!
    Compared with other alternative antennas, FSA-1806 receives MORE channels & has BETTER image quality
    • 4K HDTV 1080p,1080l,720p Broadcast.
    • Full band DTV/VHF/UHF/AM/FM Receiver
    • Improved FM Radio Reception
    • Reception radius is up to 200 miles
    • Auto gain control technology for high-quality signal reception performance
    • 360 Degree Rotation
    • Built-in super low noise amplifier
    • Built-in LTE filter which removes the interference caused by 4G phone signals and ensures the noise-free digital TV reception
    Check your location Zipcode to see if it works in your area.
  • 3806_Antenna with installation kit
    Advanced Design: Clear HD image quality. Features:
    • Two extra UHF elements.
    • Up to 50% larger VHF elements to enhance the UHF/VHF channel reception for better image quality.
    • Up to 25% more reflected area to enhance the receptions for all signals.
    • Auto Gain Control: Gain 15-35db, New technology for adjusting high-quality signal reception performance.
    • High-quality copper cable to enhance the signal transmission from the antenna to the receiver.
    • Special windproof design to enhance the durability of the Antenna. By using much higher quality material to make this antenna last longer in all weather conditions.
    Package includes: Five Star FSA-3806 antenna and antenna installation kit (40ft Coax Cable, 4-way Splitter to watch 4 TVs, 15pcs Cable Clips) (Pole not included)
  • lava_2605_antenna


    • Reception up to 150 miles
    • Ultra 4K & 1080 high defition
    • 360 degree rotation with remote control
    • Supports up to 8 TVs
    • Antenna Size: 29 inches wide, 20 inches long, 10 inches tall
    • Powerful G3 amplifier included
  • lava_8008_antenna


    • Frequency(VHF) 40-230MHz
    • Frequency(UHF) 470-862MHz
    • Gain(VHF) 28+/-3dB
    • Gain(UHF) 32+/-3dB
    • Impedance 75Ω
    • Working Voltage 110V/60Hz
    • DC Input 12 V


    • Recommend for whom may want further reception range
    • Best reception range 125 miles, up to 150 miles.
    • 1080p High Definition and Ultra 4K Ready
    • No rotation needed - pick up signals from all directions
    • Antenna size: 28 inches wide, 11 inches circular dome, 3 inches height
    • Powerful inline low noise / high gain amplifier