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Antenna Bundle Deal
Looking for the most valuable antenna bundle deal? Home Antenna aims at providing the most valuable products and service to our customers. Therefore, we bundle up our most popular antennas with valuable accessories. Save more on cutting your cables today!

Types of Antenna
Omni – Pick up signal from all directions within the reception range. Check https://www.homeantenna.com/product/five-star-fsa-5818-omni-directional-outdoor-150-mile-4k-hd-long-range-more-gain-antenna/
Rotor – May reach the furthest distance compared to other types of antenna. Check FSA-3806

  • Sale!
    Compared with other alternative antennas, FSA-1806 receives MORE channels & has BETTER image quality
    • 4K HDTV 1080p,1080l,720p Broadcast.
    • Full band DTV/VHF/UHF/AM/FM Receiver
    • Improved FM Radio Reception
    • Reception radius is up to 200 miles
    • Auto gain control technology for high-quality signal reception performance
    • 360 Degree Rotation
    • Built-in super low noise amplifier
    • Built-in LTE filter which removes the interference caused by 4G phone signals and ensures the noise-free digital TV reception
    Check your location Zipcode to see if it works in your area.
  • 3806_Antenna with installation kit
    Advanced Design: Clear HD image quality. Features:
    • Two extra UHF elements.
    • Up to 50% larger VHF elements to enhance the UHF/VHF channel reception for better image quality.
    • Up to 25% more reflected area to enhance the receptions for all signals.
    • Auto Gain Control: Gain 15-35db, New technology for adjusting high-quality signal reception performance.
    • High-quality copper cable to enhance the signal transmission from the antenna to the receiver.
    • Special windproof design to enhance the durability of the Antenna. By using much higher quality material to make this antenna last longer in all weather conditions.
    Package includes: Five Star FSA-3806 antenna and antenna installation kit (40ft Coax Cable, 4-way Splitter to watch 4 TVs, 15pcs Cable Clips) (Pole not included)
    • Reception up to 150 miles with dual TV outputs - full HDTV support 720p, 1080i, 1080p | working frequency: VHF 170-230MHz | UHF 470-860MHz | receive digital broadcast high definition TV signals.
    • Wireless remote controller - Built-in 360 degree Strong Motor rotor | Built-in Super High Gain and Low Noise Amplifier | includes 40FT outdoor TV antenna Coaxial cable. Easy for you to place it to get the best reception in your house.
    • Support 4 TVs at the same time with a splitter.
    • Weather resistant: This outdoor antenna is lightning protected, durable design with grounding - don’t get stuck in bad weather.
    • What you get - Five Star FSA5809 outdoor antenna includes 1x Five Star Antenna, 1x Antenna Installation Kit (40ft & 4ft Coax Cable, 4-way Splitter to watch 4 TVs, 15pcs Cable Clips) (Pole not included).
    • Together with 60Days Money Back, 2 Year Guarantee and Friendly, Easy-to-reach Customer Support.
    • Recommend for whom may want wider reception range
    • Reception up to 150 miles
    • Ready for Ultra 4K and 1080p High Definition
    • Full 360-degree omnidirectional antennas with no rotation needed – pick up signals from all directions
    • Powerful inline low noise / high gain amplifier
    • Built-in high gain and low noise amplifier